Drop Data Statistics and Details for 8th May 2017

There were a total of 80 domains caught in yesterday’s drop zone. Here’s the complete registrar breakdown :

Registrar Number of Domians Caught
Netlynx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (R62-AFIN) 15
Dynadot LLC (R117-AFIN) 12
Wild West Domains 10
Endurance Domains Technology Pvt. Ltd. (R173-AFIN) 9
Mitsu Inc (R158-AFIN) 8
Bruwink (R159-AFIN) 7
Online Nic (R8-AFIN) 6
Silicon House (R38-AFIN) 4
Suryanandan.net (R152-AFIN) 3
TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd. (R168-AFIN) 2
1APi GmbH (R98-AFIN) 2
Bharat Domains d.b.a. Bharat.in (R129-AFIN) 1
Tucows Inc. (R119-AFIN) 1