Handpicked Drop List 28 January 2017: The Grand January Repeat Patterns Rain: Part-3

As mentioned yesterday, January of 2017 is about to witness one of the grandest opportunity to acquire repeated patterned LLLL .in names. These patterned names are all kind of premium sequence, known in the domaining community as “Liquid Patterns”. This includes: AAAB, ABBB, AABB and ABAB patterns.

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Here is the part-3 of Pattern drops. This one is not just bigger than yesterday, but biggest of ever – it’s the highest count of patterned names that is gonna drop on any single day!

bbbw .in
bbbt .in
bbbx .in
bbbz .in
qqzz .in
ppzz .in
zafu .in
zete .in
bewe .in


Below is our regular handpicked Keywords list:

AirWay .in
CarsRental .in
CinemaCafe .in
Dopamine .in
Proudly .in
RedHill .in
Jiffy .co .in


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Here is the complete list of tomorrow’s all dropping .in and co.in names with their various metrics. You can download it here.