Special June Offer

If you have landed on this page, chances are that you have successfully managed to find the top-secret information of our June’s 1+1 Promotion. So let’s not waste further time and get to the truth:


  1. The June offer enables you to place backorders under 1+1 scheme, essentially making them at half of the regular price of $25, making them just $12.5 each!
  2. You will only be charged for successfully registered domains. For example, if you backordered 5 domains, and we caught only 4 out of them, you will be charged only for 2 orders ($50) with all 4 domains being transferred to you.
  3. This offer is limited for the first 100 orders. It is validĀ for both new and existing customers.
  4. Customers can not club this offer with any other existing promotion or discount at inbackorder
  5. You will get a special Paypal invoice to make payment after your orders being successful. If you have any advance credits in your inbackorder.com account, they will remain intact.
  6. DON’T forget to use the special coupon code that you have received to use this offer during checkout.
  7. This offer is applicable only for new orders that are placed using the offer coupon code. Existing orders remain placed.
  8. The promo is valid only for two days: Today and Tomorrow, for the exact dates contained in the promo message you received.


So “what’s the catch”? Well, none. The only “catch” we do is drop-catch. : )

Need ideas for awesome .in names to backorder? Straight right up to our “Exclusive List” page for the cream of the crop dropping names. Or if you have your names list directly with you, go directly to our “Backorder” page.

Happy Backordering.