Exclusive Giveaway for PTI Members

Mega Holi #Giveaway

We are starting this giveaway of premium .in domains from 2nd March, exclusively for the members of PTI, in association with Iftekhar Ahmed.

We have had numerous domains that were registered for our customers but who failed to make payment. Now that we already paid their charges, but of no use to us either. The beauty is that all of these names are ultra-premium and such kind of names are not available from general availability pool. We have decided to give them away PTI members. Here it goes:

Every day there will be one Domain to win. The contest will run for 15 days (15 domains). We suggest you claim for only the domain which you think you need the most. The list of all domains is given below with their date of the giveaway so that you can keep a track of the domains for which you want to claim. To claim, just comment on this about why you need the domain and how are you going to put it to a good use in brief. The (Non trolled) comment with maximum likes will win the domain for that day and ownership will be transferred to the winner.

Steps and Rules Of Giveaway:
1. You MUST be an active member of “Premium Tricks by Iftekhar” on Facebook.
2. Comment your favorite domain in this format:

A. Your iNBackorder account’s username and a One line statement why you should get this domain: (your plan to develop this name)
B. Account Information: Your Dynadot forum name (if the domain is registered at Dynadot) OR your Godaddy Email and C. customer number (If the domain is registered at Godaddy)

3. The comment with maximum likes will win the domain.
4. The winner for previous day will be declared at 2 PM every day.
5. Failing to provide the comment in the mentioned format or missing information, will make it ineligible to claim and the domain will be passed to the next eligible one (Even though if it has more likes).

Please Note: These domains are premium domain names and are going to expire within next month so you may need to renew the domain yourself at your respective registrar, Which might cost you 500 RS or so for renewal. So, participate in this giveaway only if you think one of these domains is going to be beneficial for you.

Date Domain Name Registrar Status Winner
3/2/2018 Loots.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/3/2018 Hajiali.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/4/2018 Stood.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/5/2018 Mindgame.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/6/2018 Repetition.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/7/2018 Beachparty.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/8/2018 Cloudmagic.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/9/2018 Nobelprize.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/10/2018 Pkr.co.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/11/2018 Emoj.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/12/2018 Shama.in Dynadot Upcoming
3/13/2018 Nationalism.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/14/2018 Onecall.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/15/2018 Nazi.in GoDaddy Upcoming
3/16/2018 Elaichi.in Dynadot Upcoming

PS: This is just the introductory post to discuss. The giveaway HAS NOT started yet. It will start Tomorrow, 2 March at 2 PM and the Post will be updated to include just the domain name and claim process. Kindly do not start claiming now. Trolls comments are welcome, but they will not be considered for claim : )