Feature Updates: 10 August 2017

If you had lately seen that “under maintenance” page occasionally, it was because of the changes we were making. Now that we’re finally done, we are happy to roll out the biggest update of inbackorder.com ever. We received numerous suggestions about opening full 30 days backorder window. Based upon that, while making sure to stay true to our core “First-come, First-Serve” & “keep it simple” policies, here’s how we have implemented it with the help of 2 tiers of backorders, auto drop date finder, and a small (but important) addition of SSL. Here we go: 


    1. Auto Drop Date Finding: Yes, we realize it was a pain to keep track of all dropping dates and until now, the onus was on the customer to find and select the correct dropping date. We have implemented one of its kind and first ever in industry, an “Auto Drop Date Finder” option for .in domains. From now on, any domains that you order (If it’s dropping in the next 30 days), the system will automatically detect its precise dropping date and shows you right at the time of ordering. Sweet, isn’t it?


    1. Introduction of Premium Backorders: From now on, you can order any .in domain dropping in the next 30 days by placing a “Premium Backorder” via https://inbackorder.com/product/backorder-premium. Premium backorders are priced at $50 (Discounted for our prepaid customers) and use enhanced catching power.


    1. Standard Backorder: Your favorite, regular backorder is now “Standard Backorder” and available just as usual via https://inbackorder.com/product/backorder with the same pricing of $25. With standard backorders now, you can place your backorders for the domains dropping only today and tomorrow.


    1. Your Account Credits: Any account balance/credits you have purchased, remains intact and fully usable for either of the premium/standard backorders. The system will charge you 1 backorder credit for standard backorder as usual, and if you decide to place a premium backorder, it will just charge you 2. Simple and without any complexity.


    1. First Come, First Serve: This is something we always had at our heart since the very beginning, and our core policy. Staying true to it, we still work on first come, first serve basis and the system still accepts only one backorder per domain. Any customer, who orders a domain via any category (Premium or Standard) first, is the only customer who can order that name and the system will not take any further orders for that domain from other users.


    1. SSL and HTTPS: Security is no less than a priority for us. We are happy to inform that inbackorder.com now fully uses SSL and works via secure HTTPS for all its pages. SSL is the industry standard encryption protocol to browse the websites worldwide. All your data is completely safe and sound with us.


  1. What’s Next: A Glimpse Of Future Updates: We are bringing an “Elite” membership program based upon your past spending. Our regular customers would be enrolled in the “Elite” membership program automatically at the time of launching. Some of the benefits Elite Memebership would include: Bulk Backorders via single form, access to full handpicked list for the month, deeper discounts, and much more.

    Also another flash sale is just around the corner later this month with unlimited free backorders for all our users for a brief period of time. Just keep an eye on all the emails from iNBackorder and grab the most of it, the moment free backorders start raining! 


Lastly, we would like to thank you, our loyal customers for being loyal to us and sending your feedback and genuine opinions which allows us to constantly improve inbackorder.com. It would not have been possible with your support. As always, for any questions, suggestions, feedback or bug report – feel contact your account manager at: support -at- inbackorder.com anytime.

Always Yours
Team iNBackorder

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