Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drop Catching?

Drop Catch refers to a service that registers a domain name which is expiring. Any good domain that is expired and gets dropped, is immediately registered by individuals and registrars within micro-seconds hence making it impossible to be registered by anyone else. iNBackorder comes into play here; with our horsepower of multiple servers and connections, we register your favorite .in domain for you at the exact moment it drops.


How do I start Backordering with you? What is Needed?

You need to create an account with us in order start backordering your names. Once done and verified, you can start placing your Backorders on our site. We use a pool of registrars and the information about managing your caught domains would be sent to your email once your ordered domain is successfully registered.


Can I order any .in domain with you?

You can order any domain with .in/ extensions with us, which is dropping within next 35 days. The domain must have a “Redemption Period”, “Pending Delete” or “Pending Delete: Scheduled For Release” Status in the whois. Don’t worry if you are not technical about these statuses. Our system automatically finds the appropriate status at the time of searching and informs you whether the domain can be available to order or not, with its estimated dropping date.


Are there any other charges? Do I need to pay anything additional for domain registration?

The pricing that you see while placing your orders, is the final amount you need to pay if you order is successful. There are no any additional hidden charges. The amount that you pay, already includes the drop catch service fees + 1 year of domain registration by default.


Do I need to pay at the time of Backorder or after the successful catch? What are your Payment methods?

You do not need to pay anything at the time of submitting your order. Once we catch your domain, we provide you with a Paypal invoice within 24 hours of catching the domain to make the payment. Once you pay, we push the domain to your account with complete ownership rights.


I am your regular customer and now want to order on a frequent basis. Is there any prepay or account-funding option for bulk orders?

Yes, we do have a custom credit system for our regular members where they can purchase the pack of 5/10/20 backorder credits. By this, you will eliminate the additional step of generating the invoice and paying for every domain individually. We will simply transfer the domain to you if you have any advance backorder credit in your account. It’s a seamless process for the regular clients. You can also check your prepaid funds balance from your user account anytime.


Do you have any discount program?

Yes. We have the “Elite Membership Program” for our regular and verified (Prepaid) customers. Elite Members get access to the bulk search tool, full 30 days handpicked list, priority support, fast & automated domain pushes and most important, a special 20% discount on all orders. Users need to have a certain verification and prepayment requirement in order to get enrolled in it. Contact our support team to know more.

Apart from that, there are various promos that we release from time to time via different sources. You can obtain custom coupon codes at various domaining forums, groups, social media platforms, or via our newsletters.


Are my backorders private?

Yes, your backorders are completely private. No information about users or their domains is disclosed or shared with other users. Your submitted names are completely secure.


What happens if someone already submitted the name I want to backorder with you?

You will get the error message about the domain being already ordered by someone. Since we serve on a first-come, first-serve basis and whoever places the order for a domain first gets to keep it if successfully caught. To avoid this, place your backorders as soon as possible.


How can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us a message Here