Extended: Exclusive Half Price Promo: 50% Off For Next 48 Hours


Update: The sale is extended for 24 more hours.

FLASH SALE: Place all your orders at inbackorder.com for the next 48 hours at half price with the coupon code “MarchPromo“. This will make all your backorders from $25 to $12.5 flat!  So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite names before someone else does! Start Ordering Now.

*Promo Terms:

  • The promo is valid from 3 March 07:00 PM to 5 March 07:00 PM 6 March 07:00 PM (IST).
  • Customers must use the code “MarchPromo” and make sure the final price shown is $12.50 per domain at the time of checkout.
  • The promo is limited till first 200 domains or 48 hours, whichever comes first.
  • The promo is valid only for regular domain backorders, and not applicable on auctions or wallet topups.
  • The promo code can not be used in conjunction with any other sale or coupon code.
  • Please read the FAQs to know the complete order process.

Introducing: Semi Private Auctions and Buy-It-Now Feature



Howdy Catchers,


With our growing userbase, we have added two more new features to our auctions, making it easier for new entrants to participate and acquire the domains, if they missed to order it before dropping:


  1. Semi Private Auctions: Users who seemed to miss to order the domains they want, can now search for the domain name in the backorder search bar and if the domain is currently under an active auction, can participate in it. Single users ordered names will remain unchanged, i.e., they will be awarded to the only user who ordered them without any the auction. Only the domains with 2 or more orders will go into the auction. You can read more on it in the updated Auction FAQs.
  2. Buy-It-Now (BIN) Price For All Auctions: All domain auctions will now have a Buy It Now price. Participants can decide to purchase the domain at BIN price anytime, ending the auction and winning the domain immediately. The current BIN price for all auctions is set to $1000, subject to increase or decrease in future.
  3. March Promo: We’re all set to launch the biggest promo of the year at iNBackorder. Keep an eye, and you shall be notified about it.

As always, If you encounter any bugs, errors, or have any suggestions for the improvement of iNBackorder, you are invited to share them anytime with your account manager at: support -at- inbackorder.com

Always Yours
Team iNBackorder

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