iNBackorder May 2022 Update



In our constant efforts towards improvements, iNBackorder has completed a host of changes to ensure a pleasant and genuine experience for our users while preserving the integrity of the platform. Here’s the summary of the updates:


  1. Changes in Security Deposit and Auction Duration: To keep only the serious bidders in auctions and reduce defaulters, a security deposit of $100 (refundable) is now required to bid in auctions. Additionally, new auctions will run between 7 – 14 days.
  2. Removal of Auto Bidding: Listening to users’ feedback, the Auto Bidding feature has been completely removed. While auto bidding was implemented for bidders’ convenience, it appeared to be confusing and time-consuming for them. Now any higher bids being made will be placed as a regular bid without going into the Auto mode.
  3. Auction Display Name: Your username will now be shown as default for the auction display name. It can be changed by requesting the support team only from your registered email address.
  4. Discounts on Prepaid Funding: Users can now save up to 20% on all backorders and auction payments using the updated prepaid funding program.
  5. Yearly Email Re-verification: All users would be required to re-verify their email address upon the next login. This is once a year process and ensures 100% deliverability of important notifications.
  6. Google Index, Wikipedia Links, and Wayback Data: In addition to the existing SEO metrics of Ahrefs, MOZ, SemRush, Facebook, and Majestic; The auctions now show the number of indexed links in Google, Wikipedia links, and data from Wayback Machine ( Click on the “Metrics” tab on the auction page to access the updated SEO metrics.
  7. Bug Fixes and Improvements: Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements are being applied sitewide. The auction page and the associated Metrics tab are cleaned up to load better and with accurate data.
  8. Upcoming: iNBackorder has developed a brand new tool that will list ALL dropping .IN domains with their complete SEO and keyword metrics. Users will be able to pick and order the domains from their favorite niche and preference within a few clicks at itself. It will be launched in the coming days.

IMPORTANT: Due to database updates, it is possible some email notifications about order status from last 5 days might be missed. Kindly check the orders section from “My Account” page to view the updated status of your orders. Also, clear your browser cache and cookies once before logging in again.


iNBackorder would like to thank you for being a loyal and supportive customer. If you encounter any bugs/errors or have any suggestions for the improvement, you are invited to share them anytime with your account manager at: support -at-


Until The Next Update!
Team iNBackorder

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