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Inbackorder Is Moving To The Auction System


How many times had it happened with you that the domain you wanted to order was already gone? We received numerous feedback from our users about that dreadful “This domain is already backordered by another user” error message. On this independence day, it is finally gone as we’re here day with the largest update ever at since its inception.

After operating on “First come, first serve” basis for nearly 2.5 years successfully, we have ultimately switched to the auctions format which is the industry standard among drop catching and domain backorder websites globally. We’re excited to share the information about the new system, and few surprise gifts for you to celebrate the nation’s “birthday”. Read on to know more:


  1. What’s Changed: Now, more than one users are allowed to place their backorder requests freely. If there are more  than 1 orders for the domain, it will go into a private auction, accessible to those only who had placed order for that domain. Users will need to have a minimum of $25 wallet balance to participate in auctions. Complete Auction FAQs.
  2. What’s Not: Everything else, including the order flow, remains the same. Users will search for their desired .in domain and if it’s dropping within next 35 days, the system will allow them to order it. If a domain has only 1 order, it will be straight awarded to the user without going into an auction, same as now. Users still do not need to pay anything at the time of ordering. Any existing orders before this switch, will be honored as per the original term and will not go to auctions.
  3. Reduced Base Tier: The best thing happened with this transition is that we have been able to slice the base price by a straight half! Now, all domain backorders will start at $25. That is the flat price that you’ll pay if there are no other orders for that domain.
  4. And Other Restrictions Removal: You can now order 3 letter .in domains (, or any kind of .in domain under the new auction system without any restriction. Furthermore, we have fixed all the minor bugs that used to prevent some domains from being ordered (Fatal Error). 
  5. Changes And An Exclusive Gift For Our Elite Members: The elite membership benefit is now 10% discount on all auction purchases after this transition. However, all our existing elite (prepaid) members, will receive a special gift of $25 additional balance to their inbackorder wallet account. To avail it, order the $25 wallet credit from your “My Account” page and use the coupon code “elite” during checkout to make its price effectively 0.
  6. Revamped Elite Membership Program: Many of you might know that we had stopped new enrollments to our elite membership program since quite a long. Those who enquired but couldn’t enroll, can now come forward for this limited time offer. We have not only re-opened it, but anyone enrolling into it during this month, will get a $25 extra wallet funds deposit. For those who might not know, elite membership program is our premium membership tier for our regular customers that provides exclusive discounts, special access, priority support, and many benefits against making deposits to their prepaid wallet. It has no other charges, or fees. Complete Program Details Here.

It was a very challenging task, both strategically and technically to implement the auctions in a way that most of our users feel home with the change. We’re thankful to our ever-growing loyal user base for their feedback and suggestions that made us thrive to constantly improve our services and add useful features – It would not have been possible without you. Since it’s a substantial and new technical change, your all questions, suggestions, feedback, and especially, bug reports are welcome – feel free to contact your account manager at: support -at- anytime.


Stay tuned for more updates and news.

Always Yours
Team iNBackorder

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