Auction Upgrades, Automation, and Bug Fixes



Howdy Catchers,


Many of you must have already noticed some changes at recently. The team at iNBackorder is finally done after two months of the updates and any bugs/issues should be fixed now. Most of the updates are already live from 1st July and we’re excited to officially share them with you:


  1. Automation: Much of the steps and emails about domains being caught, invoices, payment reminders, registrar information, self-checkout, and domain push notifications are now processed automatically in real-time.
  2. Order Status Updates: All orders and their status too are now fully automated, and updated + categorized in real-time from 1st July onward. You can track the live status of your orders from your revamped My Orders section. Orders made before 1st July 2020 have been labelled as “Archived” and will be updated only upon being caught. This will not hamper anything about their catching or registration.
  3. Live Analytics Data and SEO Metrics: The biggest addition for SEO/PBN professionals; Auctions now contain the real visitor data via Google Analytics, and backlink metrics from Moz, Alexa, Semrush, Facebook, Majestic and Ahrefs of the domain, right in the auction page!
  4. Orders Count, Duration and BIN: On users feedback; The default auction time has been extended by one day, along with the display of ordered users count for more transparency.? Now all auctions will run for roughly 3 days and will show how many users have ordered it originally. The instant auction finish BIN (Buy It Now) amount has also been updated to $5000.
  5. A Fresh Look, Bug Fixes, Features: Numerous small changes are done in the interface and styling of the website. In addition, many user reported bugs about ordering / payment / auction / bids have been fixed, with some new features being added.

We would like to thank you for being a loyal and supportive customer at iNBackorder. If you still encounter any bugs/errors, or have any suggestions for the improvement of iNBackorder, you are invited to share them anytime with your account manager at: support -at-


Until The Next Update!
Your iNBackorder Team


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